3 reasons why a résumé alone will not land you a job

Networking is a great way to get your résumé in the hands of the decision maker. After applying for a position online, you should have someone within the company hand-deliver your résumé to the hiring manager, VP, or anyone of influence.

Cover Letters: Passive vs. Assertive

I often have the opportunity in my line of work to look over and review cover letters written by job applicants. One of the most common trends I notice is the tendency to use passive language; words that often communicate a different message than the one you intend.

The Complete Resume Guide for College Students – 12 Rules for Resume Perfection!

Are you ready to apply for an internship while in college, or for a job after graduation? Are you confused by the advice you’ve been given or read online? There is so much information out there, but I believe college students will do well if they just follow these 12 rules.

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