We have trained and untrained, Chefs, Cooks, Waiters and front desk. Salary varies with training, experience and number of people in the household. Our interviews are free, we do conduct research on potential employees as regards to family and trace ability. We charge additional for criminal background checks.

Here are our terms:

  • When the employee arrives and the pay is below 6000 we get paid 500 above 6500 we get paid 750, above 10000 I get paid 1000,then another 500-750-1000 after the first month of employment and another 500-750-1000 after the second month of employment. This translates to:
  • Salary 0-6500=500×3=1500
  • Salary 6500-9999=750×3=2250
  • Salary 10000-20000=1000×3=3000
  • To make this fee affordable, we suggest you offer the employee a lower salary for the first three months(probationary period).
  • You get a free replacement for the first three months.
  • The first payment must be paid when the employee arrives.
  • This agreement is void when payment is not made on time.
  • Please never send fare.
  • Once the employee arrives at your place they are  your responsibility, this includes any medical expenses and fare.
  • When the employee arrives take a copy of her ID and keep it for your records, also text it to us for verification.

By accepting names of potential employees you agree to these terms.

For additional information  call our office line at 0797530002

you can also email careragency@gmail.com to request for our agreement and contract.


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