Do you need assistance applying for jobs?

Job applications are time consuming.

Job applications have deadlines.

Its hard to keep track of job applications.

I am always missing great jobs because other things in life are sometimes all consuming.

Some portals are confusing and difficult to use.

I don’t know which job applications I should be prioritizing.

If you agree to any of these contact us we can help.

We will collaborate with you to find 3 of the right jobs to apply for you.

We will revamp your C.V.

Create cover letters.

Take the guess work out of using the different portals.

For $35.00 or Ksh 3,500/=

Please give us a call at 0797530002 we have the solutions.

Apply for Me

With this service from our team of experts we will identify and collaborate with you to apply for three jobs. You can also contact us at +254797530002 for our paybill and to get additional information. Email all queries to customerservice@careerassociated.com


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  1. Vivian Adhiambo Avatar

    I can do the job well using the skills I was tought

  2. Vivian Adhiambo Avatar

    I can do any job without supervision.

  3. Farida Wambui Avatar
    Farida Wambui

    To give my best.I can work without supervision

    1. CA Associates Avatar

      please call Felister at 0797530002

  4. joseph mungathiaekandi Avatar

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the government leadership administration for your great work of service to humanity you deserve great honor for service to humanity is service to God thanks with kind regards josephmungathia Ekandi email address josephmungathia@gmail.com

  5. caleb Avatar

    great updates

  6. Galoze Abdul Avatar

    Job seeker

  7. Jacob Mati Avatar
    Jacob Mati

    Awesome job, you are great

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