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Job Description.

Specific duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Tracking the status of pesticide and geographic spray area decisions with PMI and NMCP, and determining the 22 CFR 216 documentation needs for the upcoming campaign.
  • Timely preparation of a country-specific Supplemental Environmental Assessment, amendment, or Letter Report, as appropriate.
  • Arranging for timely completion of the needed environmental audits and workplace occupational health and safety certifications, as per local requirements.
  • Development of waste management plans prior to the initiation of spray activities describing the disposition plan for each waste stream generated during the spray season.
  • Determining the registration status of proposed pesticides in the country of use prior to shipment, and ensuring that registration needs are satisfied before the arrival of pesticide.
  • Ensuring that quality assurance testing on pesticide samples is performed and demonstrates that the pesticide meets specifications prior to shipment.
  • Performance of smartphone-based Pre-Season Environmental Compliance Assessments for each operations site (soak pit and/or storeroom) two months prior to spray.
  • Performing vehicle inspections prior to signing lease agreements to be sure that all proposed vehicles meet Best Management Practice (BMP) requirements.
  • Tracking and supervision of work required at operations sites prior to commencement of spray. Confirming soak pit construction according to BMPs.
  • Providing or overseeing the annual environmental compliance training of spray teams and storekeepers, as well as Abt staff as necessary.
  • Performing a final Pre-Season Environmental Compliance Assessment for each operations site 1-2 weeks prior to spray.
  • Continual supervision of spray operations and completion of BMP checklists throughout the spray season.
  • Oversight of the closure of seasonal operations sites at the end of the spray season, and documenting proper storage of equipment and leftover pesticides.
  • Oversight of waste management activities (incineration of sachets and masks, recycling of other wastes where possible, thorough washing of disposable items) to be sure that wastes are managed responsibly.
  • Preparation of the environmental compliance portion and the Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Report of the End of Spray report, including a description of the important points noted throughout the campaign, and a consolidation of the information gathered from supervisory inspections.
  • Identifying needs for next year’s spray campaign.
  • Using data from the smartphone data collection system to optimize operations site selection and optimization.
  • Developing a database or system of spreadsheets to consolidate all necessary and useful information pertaining to environmental compliance in the ECO’s country, and US requirements under US 22 CFR 216.
  • Lead and coordinate environmental compliance efforts for all program spray activities, inlcuding the implementation and oversight of procedures for:
    • Quality and safety of insecticide procurements;
    • Procedures for distribution, storage, and handling of insecticides; and
    • Procedures for disposal of insecticide, waste products, and package material in accordance with national and international standards.
  • Training and technical assistance to IRS implementation teams and counterparts.
  • Liaison with project counterparts from the Ministry of Health, and other regulatory and governmental authorities.
  • Frequent travel to field sites to monitor IRS operations and implementation.

Qualification requirements include the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, Environmental Health, Environmental Sciences or other relevant field. Master’s degree preferred.
  • At least 10-12 years of relevant professional work experience, including significant experience in environmental health and inseciticide use and management.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a minimum of direction and supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to work both as a member of a team and as a team leader, with the ability to accept the inputs of other team members.
  • Strong management and planning skills of project tasks and budgets.
  • Demonstrates leadership and team work and produces high quality work in a timely, cost effective manner and has excellent writing skills.
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal communication and computer skills.
  • Experience with USAID and donor projects is highly desirable.
  • English language proficiency.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree + Nine years of relevant experience, or Master’s Degree + Seven years of relevant experience, or PhD + Four years of relevant experience

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