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About Penda Health:

Penda Health is an award-winning company that delivers high-quality, trustworthy healthcare. Our vision is for everyone in Africa to have healthcare they can trust. Today our team of 350+ employees operates 19 Medical Centres around Nairobi, Kiambu, and Kajiado Counties. Over the next two years, we are looking to build and run a profitable chain that focuses on; the delivery of tech-enabled, high-quality healthcare, a sustainable expansion of our network that ensures the sustainability and stability of the company.

Scope of work

Core mandate is establishing short and long-term health goals with patients, teaching the patients about health and nutrition and developing effective nutritional and exercise plans for patients.


  1. Nutritional counseling and advice on therapeutic diets 
  2. Coordinate all phases of nutrition care including nutrition assessment, perform nutrition screenings, care planning, monitoring, education and counseling of patients in our Medical Centres
  3. Confer with providers and nurses order to coordinate medical and nutritional needs
  4. Determine nutritional needs: diet restrictions, such as low fat, salt free e.g., diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension and obesity
  5. Formulate diet plans based on medical and physical condition of patients 
  6. Assess individual needs, develop nutritional care plans and instruct patients and their families in nutritional principles, dietary plans, food selection.
  7. Prepare records and reports, evaluate, interpret, monitor and document the nutritional status and nutritional needs of patients using the established standards of care and practice guidelines
  8. Develop, review, update and implement educational materials to meet the needs of patients and professionals
  9. Any other duty as assigned by the supervisor in line with the job description.
  10. Perform your duties in the spirit of Penda’s Vision and Values.


  • Diploma in food, nutrition and dietetics
  • 2 years working experience 
  • Team player and great communication skills 


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