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The Job holder will be responsible to solicit, build and maintain relationships with Public Sector Banking clients through provision of highly analytical, professional and well-rounded service presentations and consultations of the Bank’s Public Sector products ranging from liabilities to asset facilities to serve as one-stop and all-rounded Banking experiences and promote Sidian as the go to SME Bank. This involves growing business in terms of liabilities and assets as well as non-funded businesses in areas such as trade finance, bancassurance, forex, transactional income and channels usage from the bank’s target markets to increase share of wallet for the bank.

This role is responsible for continuous enhancement of the breadth and depth of product lines for the business function to achieve and sustain competitive positioning in the target markets. Effective account relationship management resulting in optimization of customer satisfaction, retention and wallet share through selling multiple solutions from appropriate range of the bank’s product is critical.


  • Strategic input and planning
  • Sales, Business Development & Relationship Management
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic customer experience

Strategic input and planning

  • Develop business opportunities and monitor business’s activities in line with the Bank’s long-term strategic and annual business plans and ensure that the Bank remains competitive and promptly reacts to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Provide input and recommendations to the Public Sector short- and long-term strategy in a bid to grow the wallet share and maximize revenue for the department.

Sales, Business Development & Relationship Management

  • Identify opportunities for growth and new business acquisition through market research, analysis and networking.
  • Develop a target market database of clients in the Bank’s desired industries/sectors, have well defined call objectives and drive a robust calling program that will generate sales and business for the Bank.
  • Develop business opportunities and monitor business’s activities in line with the Bank’s long-term strategic and annual business plans and ensure that the Bank remains competitive and promptly reacts to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Act as liaison between clients and internal operations team to timely and effectively understand and provide all types of banking products including but not limited to deposits, loans, trade finances and remittance for the clients.
  • Develop a focused relationship management system, which increases the Bank’s ability to increase the flow of business and generate deposits, lending and revenues from existing and new customers in line with the enterprise strategy.
  • Enhance relationship marketing and management – to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships with customers and other partners, at a profit, so that the both the customer and bank objectives are met achieved by a mutual exchange and fulfillment of the brand promise.
  • Develop a focused relationship management system, which increases the Bank’s ability to increase the flow of business and generate lending, trade finance, deposit and cash management business from existing and new customers in line with the target market segments for the bank.
  • Ensure day-to-day client relationship management and engagement with customers to foster a good and lasting business partnership of the customer and the Bank.

 Risk Management

  • Ensure full compliance with the Bank’s Credit Policy, Central Bank of Kenya guidelines and appropriate provisions of the Banking Act with respect to lending.
  • Ensure customer value proposition is implemented in compliance with external and internal regulations & policies i.e. operational, credit, reputational and people risk.
  • Facilitate and collect all clients’ required documents for application of banking facilities to verify their eligibility.
  • Gather valid applicants’ financial records by obtaining and compiling copies of clients’ credit histories, corporate financial statement and other financial information.
  • Solicit, build and maintain new and existing clients in accordance with the guidelines stated in the Public Sector Banking policies and procedures to ensure sustainable and secure deposit and loan portfolios.
  • Present and provide highly professional consultations to target corporate clients to address their demands and match with the Bank’s products and services.
  • Discuss credit-related issues and loan packaging to provide sound financial advice and tailored solutions for the clients as well as to take the opportunity to cross-sell other banking products.
  • Conduct financial analysis and interpret applicants’ financial status, credit, property evaluations, repayment capacity to determine feasibility of granting loans and other credit facilities.
  • Conduct a site visit at clients’ business premise and proffered collateral during loan assessment process to obtain in-depth information concerning to the soundness of their business and purpose of loan application and ensure sufficient and acceptable security for the loan.
  • Process and prepare Credit Appraisal Report for commercial applications including detailed loan appraisal write-up and detailed financial analysis of the corporate clients in order to submit for loan approval.
  • Prepare and execute loan contracts and arrange loan disbursement timely and accurately to fulfill clients’ needs and satisfactions.
  • Make regular site visits to existing clients to determine the actual conditions of the business and loan collateral whether it should remain the same or be downgraded as well as to develop relationship with clients as part of retention strategies.
  • Closely monitor on recommended/processed loan for timely repayment and to ensure Portfolio At Risk remains within acceptable level.
  • Follow up delinquent clients immediately and refer such case to higher authority to actively handle the loan portfolio.

Strategic Marketing

  • Embed strategic marketing by focusing on how to develop competitive advantage into the changing marketplace and leveraging on the banks distinctive capabilities to drive value.
  • Enhance creation by creating, communicating, delivering, and offering solutions that have value for customers, shareholders and partners.
  • Build the Sidian Bank Brand to ensure that the bank is top of mind as an enterprise bank.
  • Strategic product development by continuously developing and refining the banks products.
  • Gather insights and provide recommendations that position the bank as a leading SME go to bank which focuses on entrepreneur.

Strategic customer experience

  • Promote excellent customer experience by driving and advocating customer requirements through the various functions in the bank to deliver high service standards that delight the bank’s customers.
  • Key driver for not only customer satisfaction, but building a base of promoters by enhancing positive customer experience and advocacy to drive competitive advantage, leading to faster organic growth and lower cost.
  • Create a differentiated customer experience design, tailored to target customer needs and optimize customer interactions with the brand, offerings, and touch points to consistently deliver and make continuous improvements to the design.
  • Link sales and service and embed customer service culture as the bedrock to grow the balance sheet.
  • The role is highly guided by Policies and Procedures
  • Pricing structures and negotiation parameters
  • Range of products to support the client
  • University degree or above in a relevant business discipline e.g. business administration or finance.
  • Master’s degree will be an added advantage.
  • At least five (5) years’ experience in Financial/banking sector, three (3) of which should be in Relationship Management in Public Sector.
  • Sound knowledge of Business Banking/SME products, services and processes together with exposure in retail banking branch operations.
  • Proven track record of growing a profitable and sustainable portfolio that delivers to the banks bottom-line.
  • Profound understanding of SME market, key competitors and offerings as well as our competitive edges to win quality customers.
  • Thorough understanding of CBK regulatory framework and pertinent regulations impacting corporate customers.
  • Highly effective communicator with excellent interpersonal and motivational skills.
  • Strong managerial, planning, analytical, decision-making, lateral thinking and project management skills.
  • Excellent customer service, client relationship management, communication, negotiation, problem solving and interpersonal skills.
  • Credit evaluation and analysis skills with extensive business insights related to commercial loans in Cambodia context.
  • Financial literacy and ability to interpret and analyze financial statements (audited and/or management reports) of the business in order to access repayment capacity and financial soundness of the clients.
  • Sense of judgement and common sense with both qualitative and quantitative tools to provide sound and comprehensive analysis/evaluation on complex credit applications;
  • In-depth knowledge of the bank branch operations, rules and regulations, laws, granting loans, and credit risk management.
  • Diploma in Banking – AKIB (added advantage)

Deadline closes : 20th September 2023