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Do you want to build a career that is truly worthwhile? Working at the World Bank Group provides a unique opportunity for you to help our clients solve their greatest development challenges. The World Bank Group is one of the largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries; a unique global partnership of five institutions dedicated to ending extreme poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development. With 189 member countries and more than 120 offices worldwide, we work with public and private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and using data, research, and technology to develop solutions to the most urgent global challenges. For more information, visit http://www.worldbank.org 

Regional Context

The Africa Eastern and Southern (AFE) Region is committed to helping Africa realize its considerable development potential, with a focus on employment generation. The core values guiding our work are passion for our mission of sustainable poverty reduction with keen attention to quality and transformative impact, putting the needs of the client at the center of all our activities, trust and respect as a common currency, intellectual rigor and curiosity, honesty and integrity, teamwork, openness to learning and the courage to admit we do not always have the answer.  

Africa Eastern and Southern (AFE) has offices in 26 countries and is a vibrant and changing environment for development work. The last two decades of democratic elections and, in some countries multiparty systems has created a greater openness to pro-poor reforms. A vibrant civil society has become increasingly vocal on policy issues, and African citizens are more and more holding politicians accountable for their actions (although there are variations across countries). Regional institutions, such as AU/NEPAD are applying peer pressure on national leaders to improve their performance.  

While the overall business climate in Africa is the weakest in the world, several countries—including some fragile states—have made great strides in improving their environment for business. What is emerging as a result is a growing region, with setbacks from time to time, that is increasingly seen as a destination for investment as much as for aid; and one where leaders are increasingly willing to address problems of poor governance that harms development effectiveness.  

The Africa Eastern and Southern (AFE) Region seeks to seize this opportunity to better support our clients in realizing the ambition of eradicating extreme poverty and boosting prosperity. 

Unit Context

The Resource Management Unit of the Africa Region (BPSAF) is responsible for business planning, budgeting, work programming, deliverables reporting, and financial reporting for all the departments in the Region.  In addition, in country offices, BPSAF staff performs accounting, payment processing, cash management and administration functions.  Overall, BPSAF ensures that each department maintains cost efficiency and effective controls over all financial transactions and provides support for effective management and monitoring of deliverable.

The Resource Management Analyst (RMA) position is located in Kenya country office within the Country Department covering Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Somalia.  The RMA is the focal point of coaching and the mentoring of new RM staff who will handle accounting, resource management, controls, and administration for the country office. The RMA works independently under the oversight of the Country Director and the overall supervision of the HQ-based Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Senior Resource Management Officer.  The RMA’s functions range from primary responsibility for accounting transactions and vendor payments, to performing compliance reviews and reporting to central control units, to setting/streamlining procedures in the office while ensuring appropriate controls are in place and supporting and advising staff on a host of RM topics. The RMA also plays a key role in the administration and dissemination of Resource Management policies of the Bank. 

The RMA is expected to be innovative and deliver quality work, striking a balance between RM technical excellence and client focus.  The incumbent must have strong teamwork within and outside the unit, and the ability to work independently on RM projects with other members of the broader RM team.  Initiative and excellent communications skills, both written and verbal, and interpersonal skills are a must.  

Roles and Responsibility

The key accountabilities of the RMA are as follows:

Financial Management & Reporting

Description/Supporting Activities: Process accurately and promptly all accounting transactions, including payroll, operating expenses, procurements, travel, consultant payments, project fund transfers/payments, charge backs and other office running expenses.

  •  Process transactions in the Asset Management module for office and residence inventories and regularly update the Insurance Master Database,
  •  Keep the accounting records and reports up to date, including statuary reports,
  •  Reconcile accounts at any given point in time,
  •  Review regularly the open item accounts and resolve the outstanding items within CTR’s mandated time frames,
  •  Keep relevant documents & vouchers systematically to fully support the accounting transactions,
  •  Submit Monthly Statement of Reconciliation (MSR) reports within the Institutional deadline,
  •  Use of Commitment Balance report to release unused balances.

Accounting Controls 

Description/Supporting Activities: Maintain consistency in the application of accounting rules and procedures, including safeguarding of cash and checks.

  •  Ensure that all transactions have been duly approved and supporting documents have been initialed prior to processing,
  •  Review general ledger accounts regularly to ensure accurate posting,
  •  Review PeopleSoft submissions,
  •  Ensure correct GL accounts are used in processing transactions,
  •  Monitor operating expenses and highlight potential issues,
  •  Ensure year end accrual policy is 100% implemented,
  •  Monitor outstanding SOE’s and travel advances and take appropriate action,
  •  Follow up and resolve issues noted in accounting scorecard,
  •  Follow up on audit and COSO recommendations which relate to the accounting function,
  •  Monitoring of outstanding & overdue commitments.

Planning and Budgeting 

Description/Supporting Activities: Assist the RMO with formulation of the unit’s resource allocation and monthly budget analysis

  •  Provide cost data for budget projections,
  •  Perform analysis of expense items and propose measures to improve cost efficiency of unit,
  •  In collaboration with the RMO CMU management, assist with the formulation of the CMU’s
  • resource allocation and aligning available resources with work programs.
  •  Perform budget analyses to ensure efficient use of resources by clients, and keep them informed of their budget status, performance indicators and deliverable status.
  •  Track progress of the work program and assess the impact of any changes & undertake any attendant issues pertaining to the WPA.
  •  Provide reliable year-end estimates for each expense category, provide analyses on costs and expenses.
  •  Prepare the business plan, undertake monthly and quarterly monitoring WPA reports for managed units and keep clients informed of their WPA status and provide other relevant information to enable proper budget management.
  •  Keep clients informed of the administrative budget and cash status, highlighting any issues; explain any new development in budget process to the client.

Knowledge Sharing/ Client Team Relations 

Description/Supporting Activities: Keep CO staff informed of administrative procedures and changes in policy

  •  Train and Mentor accounting staff in a subset of the AFR region in order to increase capacity building and ensure follow up of audits and scorecards,
  •  Process client (internal and external) transactions promptly and accurately,
  •  Provide services to clients on the first come first served principles and in accordance to priority,
  •  Build and maintain good working relationships between the client and the RM team, encouraging and promoting team spirit within the RM group,
  •  Demonstrate integrity.

WFA Foundational Projects for COs Transformation 

Description/Supporting Activities: GPP and ePayables 3 – Global Payment Processing in Chennai via digital documents transmission

  •  CO Payroll Central Processing-Payroll Payments centrally from Chennai,
  •  Admin Portal-Use of Admin Portal to requisition for Purchase Orders by different Units,
  •  GMM-Global Meetings Management Program – Staff use to organize for external meetings and events,
  •  Event Card – For payments for services rendered (AFCE2 has a card for paying for meetings and functions which I charge back to the charge codes of the users of the services).

Selection Criteria

  •  Minimum Education:  A relevant Advanced degree (e.g. Accounting, Business, Finance) OR a relevant bachelor’s degree plus an internationally recognized professional accounting qualification (e.g., CPA, CA, ACCA) OR completion of the RM Board-sponsored Supplementary Education Criteria Program (SEC) 
  •  Minimum Years of Relevant Experience:  2 years of experience in a relevant field, e.g. accounting, finance, business. 
  •  Demonstrated expertise in management and/or financial accounting disciplines,
  •  Demonstrated competency in people leadership.

General Competencies 

  •  Integrity and Independence – Prepares accurate reports, ensuring that pertinent facts are fairly presented, shares information freely.   
  •  Statutory and other Stakeholder Reporting – Can produce pro-forma financial statements and reports; familiar with disclosure requirements and accompanying notes, and management and auditor’s reports.   
  •  Internal controls and corporate procedures – Can analyze data and business processes to determine the viability of controls and procedures and identify any issues or areas of risk.   
  •  Governance – Able to interpret the fundamental resource management requirements of a client’s governing structures and to provide basic budget analysis.  
  •  Planning and Budgeting – Can produce standard reports and budgets and analyze budget information; understands the entity’s funding structure and sources.   
  •  Performance Evaluation and Reporting – Able to determine the information needs of users and present information that supports management decision making.   
  •  Management Information and Tools Design – Able to analyze management information needs, accurately define requirements and ensure the quality of information produced.   
  •  Financial Strategy – Understands what impacts the strength and integrity of the entity’s income statement and balance sheet, and the Bank’s lending products and basic pricing structures.   
  •  Tasks and Workflow Management – Has excellent workflow management and task organization skills; able to take responsibility for all aspects of coordination of the workflow of assigned responsibilities.
  •  Transactions Processing and Quality Control 

Application Deadline : 10/2/2023 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC






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