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Job Description

This is a new position at SparkMeter and will report to the COO. The Senior Director of Operations at SparkMeter is accountable for continuing the maturation of three specific functions within SparkMeter. Those functions are Customer Support, Supply Chain / Production, Compliance/Strategic Project Management/S&OP. We are looking for a highly experienced energetic cross functional operations leader to provide uplifting and value adding guidance and visioning to the leaders of each of these departments as well as the entire team.

You will be responsible for:

  • Developing team members from great potential to great leaders. Develop your own replacements- so that you can replace me!
  • Create a culture of creativity, positivity and appreciating mistakes for what they teach us
  • Being the executive leader to the Customer Support, Supply Chain, production and Project management teams. Guiding them to success and developing their futures
  • The ultimate problem solver for our team, suppliers and customers. When our team needs help you find solutions!
  • Ensuring the details that go into our S&OP are the absolute best reflection of reality possible.
  • Creating and implementing a vision of how these teams function together that meets the needs of the business today and in the future


  • Be a scientist
    • Substantiate/Challenge beliefs and perceptions through unbiased data collection
    • When implementing solutions ensure that information collected is set up for analysis and can easily be used for that purpose
  • Problem Solving and technical resource: Have and offer a deep and broad operations playbook to serve as a collaboration partner, teacher and resource to the Supply Chain, Production Engineering, Compliance, Project Management and Support functions.
    • Be a knowledge center for all functions
    • Exceptional Excel and data management
    • Know how ERP and work management systems can be utilized to drive performance and always be teaching the art of what’s achievable
    • Maintain a knowledge base of various contemporary work place solutions and utilize that knowledge to identify solutions to solve Sparkmeter needs
  • Role model service leadership. Be the invisible hero. Lift your team and everyone around you up by bringing them all value through….
    • Role world class communications, especially when engaging customers
    • Build the team. Your goal should be that the team doesn’t need you. It takes time to get processes and systems to operate
    • Transparent goals and KPIs
    • Profound empathy and connectivity
    • Actionable, honest and frequent feedback- constant constructive accountability
    • Celebrate and champion successes and the right behaviors
    • Be a culture champion
    • Build constrictive professional understanding between you and everyone in your group. Meet with direct reports twice weekly and skip levels every other week
  • Be a change agent:
    • Always challenge the current state
    • Establish and drive a Continuous improvement program
    • Work in the “Outerloop” focusing on sustainable change that solves core issues. Don’t get stuck patching up symptoms
    • Understand the adoption curve and always be planting seeds of change
    • Set the bar for what good looks like and slowly over time keep raising it
  • Architect the right cross functional systems and drive persistent optimization to solve issues between functions:
    • Always work to perceive the bigger picture and solve core issues rather than fixing symptoms
    • Always be envisioning 6 months to a year ahead and put things in motion to keep us where we need to be
  • Be the escalation path for operations:
    • When issues the functional leaders need help to resolve step in to help solve them
    • Guide- don’t direct resolution. Coach the functional leaders to solve problems on their own, don’t take away their right to learn and safely “fail” without being failures

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