Oxfam – Consultant for Impact Evaluation Of HECA RP ‘ S Rights In Crisis And Extract.

Test for the RP’s contribution to this change, and the specific role of building alliances/networks to bring about change .

Equality Now – Consultancy.

The consultant(s) shall have the overall responsibility of supporting Equality Now in offering technical expertise in the development of the Regional Action Plan and related activity actions including the regional consultations, review of the inception reports, draft action plan, regional validation reports and rollout of the Regional Action Plan and training manual.

International Rescue Committee – Consultancy For Women Economic Empowerment Pilot Network Session Facilitators.

The IRC seeks to pilot an idea on addressing some of these barriers by proving a platform for networking for women refugees and host communities living in Kajiado County to expand their social networks, improve their confidence and integrate with host communities as a means to enhance their participation in economic activities.

International Rescue Committee – Consultancy For Workforce Assessment (Nairobi).

The purpose of the consultancy is to conduct a workforce assessment, and use the results of the assessment to provide strategies that can help the IRC close the gap between the current workforce and the workforce needed to support IRC’s mission and vision and to facilitate decision making of IRC Kenya senior management team in regards to the workforce gaps of the country program.

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