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Choosing the right professionals to work on your CV could potentially change the performance of your CV. Ensure that you do thorough research to ensure that you get the best writing services. Professional CV writers can identify the key achievements and skills and can adjust your CV to fit a particular job. Here are 5 advantages of consulting the services of professional CV writers.

8 Graduate CV Mistakes Recruiters See Over And Over

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In this guest post, Susanna Quirk from Inspiring Interns outlines some of the most common graduate CV mistakes, and how to avoid making them.

For many, the CV they write for graduate jobs is the first they’ll ever produce. While the conventions of the common-or-garden resume may seem simple enough to grasp, the reality is that mistakes happen. In fact, some mistakes happen so frequently that recruiters wonder if there is some kind of on-going global conspiracy out to get them.

Wondering whether you rank among the offending many? We asked the Talent Development Team here at Inspiring Interns to tell us the most common graduate CV mistakes they find.

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