Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Kenya – Mapping And Coaching Tools Development Consultant.

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PELUM Kenya is a member of the greater Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Association in East, Central, and Southern Africa. It is a membership networking organization founded in 1995 which promotes people-driven development towards sustainable land use management. The organization facilitates learning, networking, and advocacy on
sustainable natural resource management for improved livelihoods. Membership which is drawn from Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations, and Civil Societies currently stands at 56 organizations. The network has been organized into four (4) networking zones where members in each zone work closely to promote networking and jointly implement projects and influence policies within their counties of operation.
PELUM Kenya, PELUM Uganda and PELUM Zimbabwe chapters are implementing a joint initiative called; African Women leaders in Agroecology (AWOLA). The initiative envisions a situation where barriers to women leadership and career advancement are addressed and women
are able to elevate their voices, advance in careers, take up leadership positions in organizations and institutions to drive change in their own lives, institutions and communities.
PELUM Kenya and its partners will contribute to attaining the desired state by rolling out AWOLA initiative which is a coaching and mentoring program specifically targeting women to promote and encourage the development of women as leaders in their organizations and communities. Often, women in agriculture have little access to role models or mentors in their field who they can speak to openly about their lives, goals, and future aspirations. Mentors will play a variety of roles to help a women mentees achieve their goals, including: as a teacher; sharing knowledge and skills; as a guide; sharing insights step by step on the journey to leadership roles, as a counsellor; listening and supporting and as a coach, encouraging and motivating emerging women in agro-ecology.

2.0. About Africa Women Leaders in Agro-ecology (AWOLA Initiative)
AWOLA initiative was conceptualized with the vision to strengthen leadership capacities and the active participation of women in agro-ecology institutions while equipping emerging women in leadership. The Goal of the project is: to ensure that there is a growing trend towards the number of women in leadership positions in various agro-ecology institutions through mentorship.
AWOLA initiative being piloted for three years (2022-2024) in three Countries (Zimbabwe, Uganda & Kenya).
The initiative objective is to inspire, mentor, nature and fast track the leadership development of African women in Agro-ecology. To achieve its goal, the initiative will focus on the following areas enlisted below:

1. Building women capacity specifically to lead and manage top level positioning
2. Building networks that add value to the leadership positions of women
3. Creating opportunities for attachment and training to for young women in agro-ecology,
4. Building up a cadre of competent Africa women mentors and coaches in leadership in Agro-ecology
5. Equipping women with top negotiations and policy influencing skills
6. Creating awareness in areas of gender and market dynamics

3.0. Objective of the assignment
This consultancy has two objectives;
3.1 To carry out desk mapping of potential women mentors and mentees for leadership coaching and mentorship program in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe in consultation with three Country lead organizations for AWOLA Project.
3.2 To subsequently develop suitable coaching and mentoring tools to be used for AWOLA initiative. The consultant will also be expected to come up with guidelines for a successful couching and mentoring program.

4.0. Scope of work
The mapping and tools development work will be led by an external consultant in close coordination with the PELUM Kenya secretariat. The consultant will coordinate and collaborate with PELUM Kenya, Lead country organizations in Uganda (PELUM Uganda) and Zimbabwe (PELUM Zimbabwe) and any other relevant stakeholders for this purpose. The consultant team
will be responsible for undertaking following tasks:
4.1 In collaboration with three Country lead organizations in Kenya (PELUM Kenya), Uganda (PELUM Uganda) and Zimbabwe (PELUM Zimbabwe), identify at least ten (10) mentees and at least ten (10) mentors for each Country.
4.1.1 Assist the Country lead Organizations to develop a guideline for the advertisementof the Mentees and mentors’ application.

4.1.2 In consultation with the three lead organization, identify and rank ten (10) leadership mentees in agro-ecology in each Country, assess and identify their needs and create profile for each mentee.
4.1.3 In relation to the mentees’ profiles, couching and mentorship needs, identify and rank at least ten (10) potential and suitable mentors in agro-ecology in each Country.
4.1.4 Identify cultural or locally specific factors that might need to be considered while matching mentors and mentees in the three countries
4.1.5 Advise on matching criteria for mentees and mentors based on the mapping exercise.
4.1.6 Advise on appropriate couching and mentoring approaches and developing individual development plans.
4.1.7 Give an assessment of current leadership culture.

4.2 Recommend and develop appropriate mentoring and coaching software tools to provide mentors & mentees with necessary resources and tools for mentoring and couching processes. The consultant in full knowledge of the couching and mentoring programs’ design and implementation is expected to recommend and develop the necessary tools needed for this project.
4.3 The consultant is also expected to recommend on how best to incorporate technology tools for mentoring and couching i.e mobile applications; established tech services like GoToMeeting, Slack, Skype, Zoom and Evernote that can be useful for mentoring.
5.0. Key qualifications, experience, and skills of the consultant

The candidate should possess the following skills and competencies:
• Have a postgraduate university degree in Social sciences, Gender and Development studies, Political science, Leadership and governance, Law or other relevant disciplines, preferably with a specialization in gender & M&E expertise.
• A minimum of 10 years of practical experience in working in Leadership, mentorship and coaching for gender related development programs.
• Demonstrated experience of having undertaken similar work in the past. Indicate at least three similar assignments done in the past as part of the team members’ profiles
• Thorough understanding of the women in leadership context in three project Countries, and experience working with government institutions and international or non-governmental organizations supporting women and development work in the specific area of intervention;
• Strong communication skills, and ability to liaise with various stakeholders, including implementing partners at the regional level.
• Strong analytical skills with ability to write and review documents/reports; conduct interviews as part of beneficiaries’ mapping.
6.0. The Duration of the task completion
The assignment is estimated to be completed within 20 calendar days after contract signing.

7.0 How to apply
Interested consultants should submit a technical proposal outlining;
• Detailed methodology and work plan
• Timeframe of activities
• Explanation of consultant’s suitability for the assignment including names and contacts of three recent professional referees and three examples of previous similar work.
• A financial proposal

If you are interested in the above consultancy and can demonstrate your ability to meet the qualifications required and submit the deliverables within the stipulated timelines, submit your expression of interest and require mentioned documents with the subject line; AWOLA
to, and copy to by 3rd June 2022
Applications not meeting the deadline and not including all of the above information will not be considered.



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