The Challenges of Self-Employment — The HR Tech Weekly®

Self-employment is becoming more popular than ever. Freelancing currently makes up about 35% of workers in the U.S. Additionally, more than 7 out of 10 small business owners say they’d rather focus on growing their business than going back to a traditional form of employment. But, just because self-employment is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s […]…

Q&A: New HRBP Advice — The HR Business Partner Story

Last week I received an email seeking advice and it reminded me of the time I was starting my career. The questions I was asked were the same I’d asked myself 10 years ago (gosh! Where has time gone?). While I can’t claim to have the perfect answer, I have been an HR Business Partner […]…

Swerve those interview nerves with careers adviser and former student / graduate recruiter Pablo Costa  — Careers Service Blog

Interviews and presentations, presentations and interviews…these two activities cause more anxiety and stress to your typical student than pretty much anything else. Tell me if I am wrong, but what other academic activity keeps you from sleeping normally, or is an incessant thought in your head?  You might say to me, Pablo…err, hello!… have you ever heard of assignment deadlines or exams?…and […]…

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