Universities Fund – Resource Mobilization Officer.

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Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors Degree

Job Term: Permanent

Position Level: UF 6

Remuneration: Min Ksh 68,403 – Max Ksh. 83,705

Number of positions: 1

Qualifications, Skills and Experience Required:

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in any of the following fields Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Business Development, Development Studies, Economics, International Relations, Education, Public Administration and Business Administration or equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution;

Professional Qualifications / Membership to professional bodies

  1. a)  Professional Qualification and Membership in good standing where applicable

Previous relevant work experience required

Functional Skills:

  1. a) Marketing
  2. b) Communication
  3. c) Customer Relationship Management
  4. d) IT proficiency
  5. e) Leadership skills
  6. f)  Negotiation skills

Behavioral Competencies/ Attributes:

  1. a) Emotionally intelligence
  2. b) Creativity and innovation
  3. c) Ability to work under pressure
  4. d) Networking skills
  5. e) Good written and presentations skills
  6. f)  Fulfil the requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010


Resource Mobilization Officers are responsible for initiating development of policies and strategies that enhance resource mobilization and create strategic partnerships.

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities

Providing recommendations to the Senior Officer External Resources on short term, medium term and long-term strategies aimed at enabling the department to achieve its objectives;

Operational Responsibilities / Tasks

  1. Preparing quality proposals, concept papers and presentations that properly articulate on Universities Fund strategic position as a fund manager and partner in the education sector to achieve fundraising objectives;
  2. Conducting environmental scanning to generate donor intelligence aimed at identifying opportunities on resource mobilization such as Government and donor priority areas and identifying and mapping current and potential funding partners;
  3. Preparing partner contracts and agreements in line with partner agreements and review in line current practices and in compliance to current laws, regulations, and general good practice;
  4. Participating in partnership discussions with local actors, private sector, government units and development partners to leverage on funding;
  5. Operationalizing fund partnership in line with agreed partner contracts through activities such designing of application forms and developing the award criteria;
  6. Collecting data, information, market research, and analysis of donor trends to inform development or review of strategies and policies for recommendation to management;
  7. Training and sensitize all staff on resource mobilization to ensure involvement of all staff in efforts aimed at mobilizing resources and initiating and retaining fund partnerships;
  8. Participating in publicity events for fund products such as partner contract signings;
  9. Advising potential donors and sponsors on sustainable universities financing solutions.
  10. Providing innovative business development strategies to mitigate against donor fatigue, enhance sustainability of external resources and ensure business growth;
  11. Monitoring compliance of fund operations to signed partnership contracts to achieve envisaged objectives and retention of fund partners;
  12. Implementing strategies for mobilizing resources from the diaspora to supplement locally mobilized resource and enhance the institutions ability to achieve its mandate to fund Universities;
  13. Providing recommendations to the Senior Officer on short term, medium term and long-term strategies aimed at enabling the department to achieve its external resource mobilization objectives;
  14. Proposing innovative financing products such securities to the management diversify the institution’s portfolio of financing products to suit different potential partners and meet the current and future demands and;
  15. Providing accurate productivity reports to the Senior Officer to show progress of achievement of targets;
  16. Providing accurate and timely and accurate accountability reports to funders on the respective fund performance;
  17. Participating in round table meetings with fund partners to build relationships, this is to secure availability of repeat funding;
  18. Providing information to the risk champion on emerging risks and proposed mitigation measures for inclusion in the risk register and in line with the Enterprise Risk Management Framework;
  19. Participating in the department’s Business Continuity Plan to ensure personnel and assets are protected and can function quickly in the event of a disaster;

Financial Responsibility:

  1. Supervising the implementation of activities towards the execution of departmental annual budget;
  2. Planning of activities aimed strategies towards the realization of external resource targets for the department;
  3. Organizing the production and circulation of marketing and promotional activities in conjunction with the Corporate Communications and Customer Experience Department to ensure utilization of mobilized funds from fund partners as per donors’ contracts;
  4. Donor mapping development towards the growth of mobilized funds to Kshs. 67Billion;
  5. Initiating short-term placement of mobilized funds in under the supervision of the Principal Officer and in conjunction with the finance department to enhance the institutions ability to mitigate credit risk and ensure optimal returns;
  6. Supervising strategies aimed at generating income of over 1% of fees earned in administering partner funds.

Responsibility for physical assets around the area of work:

Responsible for all physical assets assigned by the institution.

Problem Solving

 The job holder will be required to solve the following type of problems:

  1. Complex and open resource mobilization policy problems in the Universities Fund and its external operations;
  2. Problems are highly complex, requiring significant research and creative thinking. Consultations will be required. Solutions could contribute to the body of research / knowledge in this area.


The job holder will need to understand the following information to discharge his/her mandate:

  1. Detailed verbal instructions or requests from universities, students, the Ministry of Education on matters of university education financing;
  2. Participating in the development of Universities Fund internal policy documents as well as external policies that affect the financial sustainability of the Fund;
  3. In depth reports, proposals or briefs on funding the universities, the Ministry of Education, National Treasury, National Government, County Governments and the International community; 
  4. Reports and briefs on financial projects and partnerships that involve the Universities Fund.

Decision Making/ Job Influence:

  1. Participating in identification of priority areas and funder mapping process in directing resource mobilization activities
  2. The job holder interacts with contact persons in Government, Bilateral and Multilateral partner institutions and in the private sector during relationship management and negotiating for fund partnerships and repeat funding.

Working Conditions

The role involves 60% office work and 40% travel time resource mobilization and fund partners’ relationship management.


Deadline: April 29, 2022




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