Terre des Hommes Netherlands – Programme Development Manager.

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Terre des Hommes Netherlands is looking for a Programme Development Manager, full time, to be based in the Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya with frequent travel in East Africa. This is a regional position, open to applicants who can prove the right to live and work in Kenya. Initial contract period will be for one year.


Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdH-NL) is an international child rights NGO committed to stopping child exploitation. In East Africa, Terre des Hommes Netherlands works in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Our work focuses on prevention, provision/response, promotion/advocacy and supporting prosecution for children survivors of exploitation and those vulnerable to exploitation together with their families and communities, with a view to achieve a world free from exploitation.
TdH-NL in East Africa works within four child protection themes: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) – with a special focus on domestic work and children working in the extractive industry-, Child Trafficking and Unsafe Migration (CTM), and Child Abuse (CA) – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, focus on FGM and Child Marriage-. We do this in partnership with local civil society organisations (CSOs). TdH-NL also implements humanitarian/relief and advocacy interventions across the region, specifically to address exploitation linked to natural and manmade disasters.
Our Vision: A world in which children are no longer exploited.
Our Mission: Terre des Hommes Netherlands prevents child exploitation, removes children from exploitative situations and ensures these children can develop themselves in a safe environment.
General characteristics:
The Programme Development Manager (PDM) is responsible for coordinating, guiding and initiating the development of projects and programs within a defined programmatic or geographic area (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia; or any other new country of operation).
The Program Development Manager (co-) develops and proposes projects and programs as part of the strategic vision of an organisation-relevant theme/country/region. The position holder is responsible for both initiating projects and/or advising on the selection of projects which potentially qualify for approval within a program/country/regional strategy. The Program Development Manager supports other responsible line managers in achieving their project development targets and takes into account the necessary resource mobilization. The Program Development Manager carries (joint) responsibility for the securing of quality and funding for the projects and programs that are approved and conversely focussing development on funding opportunities. This includes taking significant roles in actual proposal write ups and/or coordinating such processes internally and with external parties. The Program Development Manager is also responsible for monitoring fundraising/granting and supporting the reporting process to donors.
Objective of the function:
The Program Development Manager is supportive (and where necessary) directly responsible for the coordination, development, funding and quality of new projects and programs within defined strategic organizational boundaries (focusing on Child Exploitation with particular interest in Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Child Trafficking and Unsafe Migration, Worst Forms of Child Labour and Child Abuse (specific focus on SRHR) and within a pre-defined geographic scope (in East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia).
Position in the organisation:
The Program Development Manager reports to the Head of Africa a.i. within which the function is positioned and has no direct reports of its own. The PDM is a key member of the Regional Senior Management Team (RSMT) and guides / advises on programme development strategy in general.
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Developing project and program strategy
  • Follows and identifies relevant socio-political developments and translates them into consequences and opportunities for the development of (new) programs.
  • Contributes to the organisation’s strategic program policy and advises management, solicited and unsolicited, from its own area of concern.
  • Develops a vision and policy based on a strategic theme/target group/country based on strategic program policies, including developing and executing country and regional fundraising plans.
  • Builds a multi-annual plan and budget based on approved policies and concretises this in program proposals, projects and activities and in fundraising initiatives.
  • Evaluates conducted policies, implemented programs and projects and makes (policy) proposals for improvement.
Result: Project and program strategy have been (co-) developed on country/regional/organisational levels in such a way that proposals have been made and approved by the management team and are financeable.
2. Develop and realise programs
  • Selects projects within a plan aimed at achieving organisational goals.
  • Formulates objectives and compiles concrete program development plans including initiating ideas and proposals for designing signature projects.
  • Controls the implementation of (large scale, complex and/or strategic) programs; to this end, directs the preparation, execution and evaluation of program activities.
  • Is responsible for managing and monitoring the program budgets for both internal and external donors. Takes the necessary action for budget overruns and/or variances.
  • Works with M&E to monitor the effectiveness and quality execution of a program/projects such that ongoing interventions result in building new funding opportunities.
  • Responsible for managing new project design and/or renewal of ongoing projects including project ideas tracking, development of concept notes and full proposals for donor submission.
Result: Programs and projects have been developed in such a way that feasible and quality program plans are drawn up aimed at achieving the stated objectives and financing is secured.
3. Maintaining contacts
  • Identifies collaboration opportunities with third parties for the purpose of designing projects and programmes, realising programs, selects new collaborative partners and manages such relationship working closely with the Head of Region.
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of internal and external partnerships in cooperation with others within the organisation.
  • Regularly consults, engages and builds relations with (strategic) partners and third parties.
  • Maintains close internal contacts for program/project development and execution, and to obtain support.
  • Liaises with the responsible person in the organisation for external communication about programs.
  • Maintains a database of external fundraisers/ programme development consultants/project writers ensuring rapid deployments where/when needed.
Result: Contacts are maintained in such a way that relevant collaborative relationships are preserved, effective external communication with respect to programs is established, and has contributed to the positioning of the organisation.
4. Identify funding opportunities
  • Regularly conducts donor intelligence and donor mapping to identify funding opportunities for projects and programmes in the EA region in cooperation with Head Office.
  • Provides strategic decision leadership in the Go / No Go decisions in seeking funding opportunities.
  • Follows and identifies opportunities for obtaining additional funding for setting up programs/projects.
  • To this end, maintains close contact with internal stakeholders and collaborative partners including donors, peer organizations and other key stakeholders.
  • Identifies and coordinates internally possibilities for funding opportunities including engagements with private donors.
Result: Program financing is obtained in time and attains the set fundraising targets.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Behaviours necessary to achieve role purpose

● Academic (university) education at bachelor but preferably master level with at least five (5) years experience in fundraising and programme development or related fields.
● Clear thought leadership with strong analytical and problem solving skills
● Knowledge of and insight into the donor landscape and developments in society
● Knowledge of project management, budgeting and budget management
● Knowledge of major external donors and various donor funding mechanisms
● Skills in advising and creating support with donors and other external parties
● Excellent team player, with strong communication, interpersonal and networking skills
● Ability to provide strategic engagements and representation with donors, government and various other stakeholders.
● An entrepreneurial mindset able to spot new opportunities and build viable projects
Competence profile:
A. Analytical capacity
Understanding the essence of complex issues by logical reasoning, investigation of potential causes, separation of key messages from the mass of detail and acknowledgment of their interdependence.
Level 3: Supports and involve others in the immediate vicinity in issue analysis while demonstrating exemplary behaviour.
B. Networking
Builds relationships and networks that are helpful when realising objectives and utilises informal networks to get things done.
Level 3: Knows how to build and maintain relationships in support of the realisation of his or her personal objectives and those of the organisational entity. Is regarded as a specialist in the field of networking.
C. Entrepreneurship
To have the initiative to identify and initiate new opportunities, bringing them to life and dare to take responsible risks.
Level 3: Identifies new opportunities and takes independent action to use every opportunity to bring new products and services to market, and encourages others to do likewise.
D. Vision
The ability to see patterns and underlying relationships in information and be able to translate these to ideas and future situations.
Level 3: Contributes to the development of a vision for the organisational entity.
Please send your motivation letter and curriculum vitae quoting your expected gross remuneration by e-mail to: recruitment.africa@tdh.nl clearly demonstrating how you meet the qualifications for this position, no later than Sunday, 25th August, 2019. For more information about this position, you can contact us through the same email address.
Please note that thought this is a regional position, applicants must be able to provide proof of the right to live and work in Kenya.
Kindly also note that due to the expected large responses only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
The selection procedure will include an assessment test, and checking of recent professional references. The selection process will be on a rolling basis, due to the urgency to fill this post.

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