The Purpose of The Institute of Human Resource Management in Kenya.

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Establishment of the Institute of Human Resource Management

The Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) was established under Kenya Laws Act, No. 52 of 2012 of Human Resource Management Professionals (HRMP). IHRM College which is currently the College of Human Resource Management (CHRM) was established in 1997. IHRM is a statutory body whose obligation is to control the HR profession in Kenya. It aims at improving competencies and capabilities as well as backing up inventive and transformative HR practices and principles. (CHRM) is the training arm of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM). Apart from being at the top rank of leading middle level academic institutions in Kenya, it also acts as the Professional Body for HR Practitioners in Kenya.

Purpose of the Institute of Human Resource Management

1. To provide Professional Principles

The Institute of Human Resource Management aims at improving and upholding Human Resource professional standards as they offer quality academic and professional training. These standards are essential in the process of delivering and executing course programs.

2. To manage resources in all centers

The Institute is purposed to institute and maintain the updated library of resources. This cuts across all the centers that keep both professional and educational materials. These materials include but are not limited to online resources, books, and journals which are resourceful to researchers.

3. To develop course programs which are suitable for the market.

IHRM tries to implement value added course programs that are modified to fit both the private and public labor markets as this will enable students to understand and implement the required principals and standards in the work place.

4. To support students’ potential

IHRM promotes excellence in research and integrating learning and innovation by delivering accessible education and training to students. This enables students to achieve their full potential since they are prioritized.

5. To engage in corporate partnerships.

The Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) has developed strategic corporate partnerships to enhance the development of services. These corporate partnerships represent various industries and are essential for students in terms of providing them with opportunities which will allow them to utilize their skills. These partners participate in various educational activities and they also hire students for internships and full-time positions hence they get a competitive advantage.

6. To allocate resources and prioritize investments

CHRM tries to maintain long-term commercial viability by supporting a number of services. These services include identifying significant areas for investment. It also ensure that resource allocation is equally distributed and the set procedures during allocation are followed.

7. To develop and launch an ODeL unit

An ODeL unit is a unit established to simplify various programs in schools, faculties and other academic units of the university through Open, Distance and e-Learning modes of delivery of services. It is a form of education provision that uses contemporary technologies. With open Learning, the students can study through face-to-face teaching, distance learning, e-Learning or blended learning. This is an effective business model that eases the mode of reaching out to key prospective students outside out training centers.

8. To shape human assets

Human assets are essential for administration of individuals in various sectors of the economy. CHRM is focused on structuring human assets at the work environment both in the general population, private and public sectors.

9. To be a Centre of Excellence in all aspects

CHRM provides training to individuals within and out of the Human Resource Management and business related professions to ensure that they get leadership development, research, innovation, quality academic and professional training. They adhere to high integrity standards in professional, personal obligations and responsibilities with up-to-date technology.

10. To promote innovation

CHRM aims at fostering a work environment that promotes and encourages creativity in numerous processes using modern technology in order to be at the forefront of education and training.

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